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Shower niche doors! Different sizes, different  designs, different thickness of glass, various fittings!
We believe that the bathroom – it’s the main room in the home, because it allows us to feel the most truthful.
The bathroom is a place to regain strength and energy at a time when more and more people are thinking of living more slowly and looking for opportunities for more relaxation in the home. Naturally, the bathroom has acquired a new status in our daily lives and is also appreciated – it is often not even a closed room, but an open room combined with a bedroom.
As the functional and emotional value of the bath room rises, it stretches in its quadrature, and often there is no longer a choice – a bath or a shower? Both! And yet – what exactly to choose? What are the benefits of each plumbing manufacturer? How to choose and combine? How to plan and arrange a bathroom? There are so many options that it’s easy to be confused without professional advice. The ideal option in this situation is to go to the salon and there, after hearing the recommendations and looking at a wide assortment – from finishing materials to plumbing, to make a smart choice that will meet both your practical and aesthetic needs.

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